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The Bacon Martini  

The Bacon Martini (image from

The New York Post visits the NYC DoubleDown Saloon

The Sausage Martini (Image from

The Spam cube Martini (Image from

The Bacon Martini was created at the cult Vegas venue, the Double Down Saloon. It is made with Vodka and at the bar you can see the bottle with several bacon strips steeping away.

While we are of the opinion that a traditional Martini is made with Gin and not Vodka, the Bacon Martini is not traditional - yet. Also you have to ask yourself, do Gin and Bacon work together for you? If they are, substitute Gin for Vodka below.

If you'd like to make Bacon Martinis do the following.
First cook some bacon and when nicely browned place the bacon in a widemouth jar filled with Vodka. Let the lovely bacon essence seep into the Vodka for at least a day. While you don't have to refrigerate it, if you do, it is easier to skim off the fat globules later.

To make a Bacon Martini, fill a mixing glass or cocktail shaker about half full of ice cubes then add 2 oz of the bacony Vodka and Dry Vermouth to taste.

A very dry Martini will be less than 1/8 Vermouth. A dry martini will be less than 1/6 Vermouth. A regular Martini will be 1/4 to 1/3 Vermouth. If you prefer Sweet Vermouth, have at it. By the way, if you use equal parts of Dry and Sweet Vermouth, technically this is known as a "Perfect" Martini.

Stir or shake the Vodka and Vermouth. If you are using bacony Vodka from the fridge, you'll get a stronger drink because less ice melts and so there is less dilutionk. Strain the mixture into a Martini glass and add an olive or a lemon twist.. It really isn't complete without a swizzle stick of perfectly browned bacon. Enjoy

Themed Bacon Martinis
The Tony Randall- the bacon-steeped Vodka is passed through a coffee filter to remove bits of fat and bacon detritus.
The Breakfast BM - substitute a pickled quail egg for the olive.
The BLT -include a small lettuce leaf and a tomato slice
The Canadian - use Canadian bacon and vodka (Banff Ice, Iceberg, Polar Ice, Prince Igor )
The Pepper - use Absolut Peppar Vodka
The Sizzling - use a chile vodka such as Inferno
The Franklin - two olives, one for each 0 on a $100 bill.
The Jock - two olives, one on each side of the bacon bit.
The Tranny - two quail eggs and bacon (pre-Op)
The Dickens - no "olive or twist" (of lemon) "Please sir, may I have some more..."
The Bacon Gibson - substitute an onion for the olive
The Turkey - any combo crazier than the above, ie cranberry Vodka.

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